Welcome To Nubra Valley, Ladakh

LADAKH is described as 'moonland' by some and the crown of India (land of Dharmas and spirituality) by others. If so, NUBRA valley with its rarest features is the sparkling diamond of the crown. KhardungLa , the globally renowned pass between Leh and Nubra valley-the highest motor-able road of the planet, is a thing to be experienced and not to be read or talked about. The ancient legendary Silk Route which once connected Central Asia and China's mainland with the Western lands, passed through this valley spread along the banks of Shayok and Siachen rivers. This valley is noted for other things, also like peoples' hospitality, lively culture, land's holiness because of the monasteries and the existence of self -created Gonbos (Dharma protector), greenery, seabuckthorns and camels with two humps.
About Hunder
HUNDER lies in the heart of this valley with some very unique fascinations like sand dunes at walking distance, jumping, dancing and shining crystal clear water of the glacial stream, cool summer breeze caused by the beautiful plantations, ruins of buildings, river banks covered with thorns and other plants.
In the middle of the village is the 'Hotel Snow Leopard'. It is about 10km from Disket Monastery and around 125km from Leh and is known for providing guests with homely atmosphere and comfort. It is a place away from outside disturbance and noise. Neither traffic nor hustle and bustle disturbs the guest's peace. Its calm environment, the natural park landscape surrounded by flowers, plants, fruits, lawns and running water, with food and comfortably furnished accommodation at reasonable prices is a dream of every traveller. The hotel is managed by the owner, who personally makes sure that the wishes of even the most demanding guests are fulfilled.
It is a great honour to welcome you here at our new homepage. Our hotel was one of the first hotels to start its services in Hunder and has been owned and operated from the first day by our family.